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Have you seen the new CMC website?

Launched in July 06 CMC have completely revamped its MCN award winning website with one goal, to be the best motorcycle dealership website in the UK.

Our new site still contains some of the info available on the old site but now has new features that take the website to a new interactive level. Pete Godfrey is our website guru and Pete has been with us since April developing and updating the new site, providing instant changes and up to date news as it happens on New features include a games section and movies of new bikes and soon this new site will launch an online store were you will be available to purchase parts accessories and clothing.

Already we are on our way to a thousand visitors a day to, says Pete, It will be great to watch it grow as we add and upgrade the site with items we and you would like to see. Not only do we want to display what we sell but also we want the site to be fun and informative please feel free to visit the site and email me with your thoughts and suggestions



CMC Cannock and Chesterfield have just taken delivery of the first Japanese quad bike to receive European type approval for registration enabling this bike to be ridden on the road. The Raptor 350R is a 350cc 4 stroke engine fitted with electric start, a 6 speed gearbox and a reverse! A demo bike is available at both stores and you do not have to have passed your bike test to ride these machines however you have to hold a full car licence. This machine is great fun to ride especially off road and for those of you who want something completely different to two wheels but with all the excitement it may be the machine for you and your family. With the extra bonus of free rider training - what are you waiting for?

   Riders for Health

CMC motorcycles are donating proceeds from every motorcycle sold at our branches in Cannock, Chesterfield and Nottingham to Riders for Health, aiding transportation in Africa.

CMC are proud to support Riders for Health and help them make a difference in providing assistance to people in Africa said CMCs Ross Feltham, By CMC selling bikes and contributing toward transportation needs in Africa we all can make a difference for some of the most isolated people in our world. From July 1st 2006 until July 1st 2007 every bike sold will contribute and CMC will donate the funds on the Day of Champions held at the venue of the British Moto GP for 2007. Riders for Health is an international non profit organisation born out of the world of motorcycle racing. Riders knows that transportation affects everything and acts accordingly in Africa with a practical, dynamic approach which is achieving real, sustainable development. This work in Gambia, Zimbabwe and Nigeria is managed by wholly-African teams, and means that health care in these areas is never undermined by vehicles failing, no matter how harsh the conditions.

Riders is helping 11 million people across Africa to have the basic health care we take for granted in the developed world, giving them the chance to fight disease and look forward to a healthier future.

   Customer Care

Do you have any suggestions to how we can improve our service?

If so, we’d love to hear from you, please email any comments to

   Lifetime warranty

CMC is the first motorcycle dealership in the UK to provide a lifetime warranty on all its used machines above 126cc, included in the screen price of the bike. No gimmicks or subject to this and that, all we ask is that we service the bike as and when the manufacturer recommends and in most cases this is only every four to six thousand miles or once a year.

Prior to launching Lifetime Warranty at CMC we asked some of our customers what they would like to see given as a warranty on a used bike and this varied from three months to two years, so with a view to exceeding everyones expectations we went all the way and made it last for as long as you keep the bike. We are demonstrating our confidence in the used bikes we retail, says CMC founder Maurice Feltham, And then passing on this confidence to you the customer, giving the reassurance that if you purchase a used bike from CMC and look after it by maintaining the servicing we will guarantee it for as long as you keep it. We have been operating Lifetime Warranty now for several months and customer feedback is great and it is always good to be the first in our industry with such a product for CMC customers. CMC stores stock over three hundred used bikes from most all the popular brands plus we have dedicated bike buyers out in the UK finding what we believe to be the best bikes available so when you are ready give us a call, if we do not have it in stock we will try to find the bike you want in seven days and then give it a Lifetime Warranty.